Contribute To The Festival

Extend and Share the Gift of Kabir Festival Mumbai

Many of us have benefitted from this magical Festival, often year after year, so we request you to contribute whatever you can, so that others like yourself may also share in its fruits.

A labour of love, this 4 day, over 15 event, more than 30 artist, Mumbai-wide Festival is all volunteer-run.

Each year, the Festival, is materialized through:
– ordinary citizens like you and me liberally volunteering time, expertise, capacity and facilities (like sharing cars to ferry artists, sharing home-cooked meals with artists between events) and generous contributions towards a shoe-string Festival budget
– artists often accepting honorariums lower than they typically command only because they believe in this cause
– support from like-minded, community-based associates offering venues, artist accomodation and in some cases our sound for free

However, we still need to pay for:
– artist honorariums
– transporting artists from around the country to Mumbai
– additional car and driver rentals
– sound and venue rentals where they haven’t been provided for free

Whatever gets saved over and above the Festival expenditure gets used towards free events organised for the community during the year. Additionally, we also organize closed events for serving under-served communities such as vulnerable children in remand homes and children of sex workers. These special events that are so cherished by the communities would not be possible without unconditional funding from citizens like you and me.

So again, please give and share freely.

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